Roman Empire: Emperor Caesar Augustus

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Have you ever waged war against your wife? Caesar Octavian Augustus did. Augustus was a great leader. Leaders are necessary because they need to show leadership amongst the people and unite the people as one doing anything to keep them safe. Caesar Octavian Augustus was one of Rome’s greatest leaders by showing that at the age of 19, he can rule one of the most powerful nations by any means including war ( Octavian Augustus is one of the fiercest leaders in the history of the Roman Empire because of his successful military expansion, his Control of Finance, and his political leadership. Caesar Octavian Augustus helped the Expansion of the Roman Empire on the frontiers/ Conquest of Egypt. Octavian Augustus fought wars both on land and water, and spared many people. The success of his wars led to the successful military expansion of the Roman Empire. By waging wars on other places, Octavian took over land and expanded it. He also conquered many other places including Egypt. When Mark Antony and Cleopatra VII tried to battle Octavian at the Battle of Actium, Antony’s forces were wiped out and the next year, Alexandria was conquered by Octavian’s Troops.(Durant et al. Everitt, Hamilton, Suetonius) Mark Antony and Cleopatra later killed themselves leaving Egypt in the hands of Octavian. Augustus expanded his huge empire into northern Spain, large parts of central Europe and Germany. (Sizgorich) Octavian’s conquest of
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