Roman Empire Essay

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The Roman Empire was one of the greatest and longest lasting empires to date, but by A.D. 476 the empire was divided in two and its downfall was inevitable. There are many reasons for the downfall of the Western Roman Empire, some political some economical, but the four biggest factors were religion, war, size, and the decline of the Military. The problems that brought about the downfall of the Western Roman Empire were not unsolvable, but the leaders lacked the will and organization to fix them and the people lacked faith in government and stopped participating in the community. If the Roman people and leaders had just stuck with their traditional values and not let themselves become corrupted, than their empire may have even lasted until…show more content…
This revoking of rights caused the population which were mostly serfs bound to the soil and small urban groups whose cities were declining to think that the old civilization was not worth saving. One economical reason for the downfall of the Western Roman empire was that the government unintentionally crushed private enterprise causing the government to take such far-reaching responsibility in affairs that the fiber of citizens weakened.
The collapse of the Roman Empire was a calamity. it led to the Dark Ages. The effect of this was the destruction of art, the collapse of great cities, the deterioration of the system of roads, the ruin of the Mediterranean trade, and the loss of European unity. It 's difficult to imagine any good came from the collapse of Rome, but some good did result. The breakup of the empire led to the abolition of slavery in Europe. Of course, this in turn led to more poverty and the increase of large estates because the poor people lost their land to the aristocrats. But the slaves were better off as peasants than as slaves.
There were many causes for the fall of the Roman Empire. Some were the rise of Christianity, the fall of the army, the large population of slaves and the size of the empire. Because of all these reasons and many more, Rome couldn’t survive which lead to the fall of the Western Roman Empire. The Eastern Roman empire survived
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