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During the time of (31 B.C.E-476 C.E) the Roman Empire had been ruled by a series of Roman emperors who had been increasingly dependent for the highly structured state of bureaucracy. The Gupta/Maurya during the time of (320 B.C.E-520 C.E.) was by way of imperial power based on family lineage. The Roman heartland was centered in Italy. Even after Italy had been conquered, it still stayed at that single peninsula that had been bounded by the Mediterranean Sea and the Alps Mountains. As for the Maurya Empire, it was located in India, but the empire was brought to its greatest extent in the northwest region of Afghanistan and to the east of the Bay of Bengal. For some time, the Maurya Empire was also to its great power in the Deccan …show more content…
The Romans greatest defeat had been Carthage which was the greatest sea power during their day. Their philosophy was, “if you want to be a free man, then you will serve in the army”. This philosophy increased their military because a great majority of free men joined the army. Rome had let regions they were conquering decide on whether to create alliances with them, or get conquered by them. Either way Rome became the biggest Empire of that day and age. Since their Empire expanded so greatly, their knowledge of language, trade, administrative power, and tools had spread as well.
Thus creating a unified language throughout the Roman Empire and other regions, this had also taken place for the Gupta/Mauryan Empires. Since the Roman Empire’s greatest threat had been their military a majority of the power within the Empire came from generals. The Gupta/Mauryan military power was not as extensive as the Romans. During the rule of Chandra Gupta I he had slowly started to form a control over neighboring territories in India unlike the Roman Empire immediately beginning to conquer regions. The Muaryan Empire, under the rule of Chandragupta Maurya had used hegemony to gain power over neighboring areas. For both the Maurya/Gupta Empires, their language of communication had been Sanskrit within their Empires. Every individual had learned the Sanskrit language, and not long after they also had developed Sanskrit law codes. For

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