Roman Empire : The Greatest Social And Political Center Of Western Civilization

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At its height, the Roman Empire was the greatest social and political center in western civilization. The empire survived for about 500 years, from 31 BCE to 476 CE. The land under Roman rule surrounded the Mediterranean Sea; its territory reached from Europe to the western part of the Middle East to the northern part of Africa. As Kathryn Hinds said in The Ancient Romans, “Ancient Rome has always been famous for its great achievements in architecture and engineering.” Roman architecture eventually became its own distinct style. Although Greek culture and architecture influenced the Roman style, the Roman love for socializing, business, and games had a greater impact in shaping the way Romans designed buildings and cities. Even though Roman architecture was heavily influenced by Roman society and values, the style also pulled many ideas from Greek culture. Romans kept many architectural and building styles from the Etruscans, Rome’s predecessor. They also gained some Greek ideas through the Etruscans. Greeks and Etruscans immigrated to the Italian Peninsula around 750 BCE, mostly in the south and Sicily. Greeks set up trading systems and brought their art, architecture, literature, alphabet, and gods to what is now Italy, all of which became a part of Roman culture. Due to the Greek presence in Roman territory, examples of classical Greek architecture were all around Roman architects. By the mid-2nd century BCE, many buildings in the Greek style were being built in Rome

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