Roman Fever Analysis

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Edith Wharton’s Roman Fever appears to suggest that friendship built on a lie would be destroyed because it is built on a bad foundation. In the story it shows that social status and jealousy are important. Roman Fever last sentence shows that with jealously and a bad friendship can cause problems later in life. The term jealousy shows up among the protagonist character, Grace Ansley, who is against Alida Slade. They are two middle aged women visiting their daughters in Rome. Alida and Delphin’s daughter is named Jenny Slade; Grace’s daughter is named Barbara. Alida is of a high social status and Ansley is not. They were old friends and haven’t seen each other for a while. Ansley had a relationship with Slade’s husband Delphin before they were married. At the end of the story it is revealed that Ansley and Delphin actually had a child, “I had Barbara”(1213). Slade really does not like Ansley because she found out about her relationship with Delphin. She decides to write a note signed as Delphin to Ansley so they can meet at the Rome Coliseum. Ansley remembers that because that’s the only letter he wrote to her. When Slade tells Ansley that she wrote the letter Ansley was shocked, “And I wrote it. Yes; I wrote it! But I was the girl he was engaged to. Did you happen to remember that”(1211). Towards the end of the story it was revealed that Delphin and Ansley actually when to the Coliseum and had an affair, so Slade really made the affair happen.
Slade and Ansely are on a
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