Roman Government Compared to United States Government

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Brooke Bulf Bulf 1
Mr. Vansant
19 march 2013

The government from ancient Rome had a big impact on our modern government. Our senate is modeled after the Ancient Roman government. Although there are some similarities there are many differences between the Roman government and the U.S government.
At first early Rome was ruled by kings and in 510 B.C Romans agreed that a king would never rule them again. The last king was the most unpopular because he ruled in the worst way. His name was Tarquinus. He ruled without telling the council his ideas. He also put to death anyone he pleased. The Romans drove Tarquinus out of Rome. One similarity from ancient Rome and our government is the Senate. For example a senator is a
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Poor men were craftsmen, shopkeepers, or farmers. Also if you were a poor man you would start work at delight. Poor men only had bread for breakfast. Rome territory included an area that is now more than 30 countries. The size of
The Roman Empire led to its fall. Since the area was so huge, barbarian tribes started to invade the borders and slowly the Roman Empire fell. In fact Rome’s area was so large it was split into western and eastern empires with separate government and emperor for each territory. Rome covered most of Europe, most of North Africa, and some of Asia. That massive area created problems for the Roman Empire which led to the western and eastern split.
This made it easier to protect their land. Western Rome controlled Europe and North Africa including the city of Rome. Eastern Rome controlled Turkey and parts of Asia and included the city of Byzantium. In conclusion ancient Rome was a very interesting place with a government and normal life. Our government has both similarities and differences of the ancient Roman government. It was interesting to learn how large Rome was and the vast area that was hard to control. Based on what I learned I would prefer to be in the wealthy social status of ancient
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