Roman Impact on Christianity

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Abigania 1
Peter Abigania
New Testament
Professor Moore
A World-Changing Impact: The Roman Empire’s Impact on the Early Christian Church
It would be simple enough to say that the Christian faith has much to do with Rome’s political status and the instatement of the Pax Romana, but there are so many other factors that had the great empire closely correlated with the Christian faith. For one, a succession of rulers with different types of ruling styles would force believers and converts to flee in fear of persecution, but one important and overlying factor was the spread of the Word of God and his works through his son, Jesus. Throughout history, the Roman Empire has had a great impact on the Christian faith both positively and negatively,
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The responsibility is yours!’” Another emperor, the second after Tiberius, would be known for a huge move. Claudius is held responsible for the expulsion of Jews from Rome in 49 AD for “causing riots”. In Acts 18:2, Paul meets Aquila and Priscilla in Corinth:
2 There he [Paul] became acquainted with a Jew named Aquila, born in Pontus, who had recently arrived from Italy with his wife, Priscilla. They had left Italy when Claudius Caesar deported all Jews from Rome.
At this time, the apostle Paul had already began his trip to spread the word of God with other cultures and because of Claudius’ decree; he helped spread the Gospel by expelling the Jews (including the ones who believed in the Jesus’ message) out of Rome. Abigania 4
In the early Christian church, no name stirred up fear like Nero. Nero was noted as the first Roman emperor to persecute the Christian church as a whole. His relentless torture and execution of the Christian people would have Rome in one of its bloodiest reigns yet. On one such event, Nero is said to have blamed the early Christian church the reason why the city of Rome burned down. Nero’s rule would frighten the early Christian church into hiding in fear of a torturous death. During this time, Christians were known to flee underground. Meetings would be discreet having secret symbols and words. For example, in today’s society, the “Christian fish” was a symbol that
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