Roman Military Life Tactics Essay

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Roman Military Life Tactics By: Nathanael Delivuk The Roman army was very skilled in sieges, fighting styles/fighting formations and marching orders. Some of these tactics are still used widely today by the US army. But what made all of these tactics so useful to a modern army,? Kkeep reading to find out. In ancient warfare open battles were commonly used but sometimes the defender took a stand in a well fortified city. Whenever an army decided to siege their enemies it took a lot of money, time, and men, so it was the least used option to attack an enemy. The Romans through time copied and improved the artillery weapons used by the Greeks, but they didn’t use them in open combat. , Iinstead they were reserved for siege warfare in order to pound the fortifications of cities and strike terror into the defenders. Instead of using horsehair for their siege engines they used animal sinews( a piece of tissue that holds the bones together) which were stronger and could throw rocks farther and with more power. The Romans were a little slow to employ the towers that the Hellenistic kingdoms had perfected. They made changes, making their own towers smaller and more manoeuvrable. The towers also became more useful carrying weapons in them. The Romans added battering rams, a boarding bridge, and fighting platforms which could carry both men and artillery. Towers had wheels so that they could be constructed at a safe distance from the city and then moved closer
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