Roman Religion : Ancient Religion

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Roman Religion Intro:
Roman religion is the belief in the numina (divine powers), which control all natural affairs. It is systems of worship, which must be observed precisely and correctly to at least placate at best, enlist help from those powers.

Roman religion is set in stone as originating in the year 753BC, along with the foundation of Rome itself on 21st April, 753BC. On that day each year, the Romans celebrated the traditional festival of the Parilia (the festival was aimed at cleansing both shepherds and sheep), in honour of the god/goddess of the shepherds and sheep. The legend of the founding by Romulus explains how Numitor of Alba Longa, the local king, was thrown out by his younger brother Amulius. The only way to secure his position as king, Amulius murdered Numitors sons and the forced Numitors daughter, Rhea Silvia, to become a vestal virgin. He did this to prevent her from reproducing, for the time being. However the God Mars slept with Rhea while she was sleeping, resulting in her giving birth to twins names Romulus and Remus. Romulus, who then went on to found Rome and its religion. The Romans had many more gods, both men and women, whom they held in high regard, just like Romulus.

Death in Ancient Rome:
Death was a highly common occurrence. It was very rare that a person would live to be over 50 years and only 2% of people lived to the age of 80. The average life expectancy at birth for a woman was only 25 years, and men were presumed to only have a…

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