Roman Religion During The Times Of Augustus Essay

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ROMAN RELIGION The Roman religion during the times of Augustus (c.27bc-14ad) the traditional religious practices revived by Augustus himself as a way to restore favour of the gods. He rebuilt temples and revived ceremonies. The ancient roman religion attained many of its rituals, superstitions, traditions, god and goddesses etc. from the influence of a range of sources in which they blended together to claim/adopt as their own religion. The romans practiced their religion less spiritually as they found their ‘religious’ experience to be more of a bartering or business-like relationship between the greater forces that had numina (spirit/power – the gods) that they believed controlled the elements and all in which controlled their existence. Although they had this belief they did not believe that these forces created the world or the human form due to them depicting the gods behaving like humans and having a human like appearance. Due to them fearing the power of nature, as they could not understand the reasons to things such as environmental changes, believing it came from these beings of the elements helped put it into some sense.1 Due to this belief they did not seek any specific explanations. The relationship with these god’s and goddesses was seen as more of a give and take relationship in which they bartered offerings which they believed pleased these gods so that in return they would be given what they asked.
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