Roman Republic And The Instigation Of The Roman Empire

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Born in 100 BC by most accounts, Julius Caesar was a key figure in the Roman Republic and the instigation of the Roman Empire. By this time, Rome was the largest city in the world, with almost half a million citizens residing in its walls (Goldsworthy 19). Caesar’s birth was claimed to be a Caesarian section, a birth considered to be a bad omen in Ancient Rome. He was the only son in his family, which gave him the responsibility of carrying out the family line, raising a new and more powerful generation. This position of power was handed to him quite soon, at the age of sixteen, when his father collapsed and died. He would soon after marry Cornelia, the daughter of Cinna, one the most powerful men in Rome at the time after serving on consul for four consecutive years (49). Caesar began a military service years later, which was considered a beginning to his career in the public eye. He won consulship in Rome for the year 75 BC and, being a master orator, gave an impressive speech that made the crowd remember his reputation (72-73). In 70 BC, Caesar, age thirty, had been married for fifteen years to Cornelia. They had a daughter, Julia, but no male heir and no desire to have another child. He adopted Augustus Caesar, his great-nephew, to compensate for the problem. In late 70 BC, he was also elected as one of the twenty of the quaestors, the public officials who supervised financial affairs and audits (96-97). Perhaps years later, Caesar’s history would become dominated with…
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