Roman Republic And The Roman Empire

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Roman Republic, one of the most famous republic in ancient time, established a form of government comprising three main parts: a few magistrates, a Senate, and several assemblies. Roman Republic was the period of ancient Roman civilization starting with the collapse of the Roman Kingdom in 509 BC, and ended in 27 BC with the founding of the Roman Empire. The government had representatives selected by citizen and ended because of the civil war between powerful generals including Antony and Brutus. The Roman Republic was established in 509 B.C. BC after overthrowing the Etruscan kings. As democracy was getting started in Athens, the Roman aristocrats (the rich) wanted to get rid of Etruscan kings so they can get more power. They needed the poor men to fight for them. So they promised the poor men that they would be given power in the new government, if they can help get rid of the Etruscan kings. The poor men decided to help, and together the king was threw out in 510 B.C. But once the kings were out, the rich did not give the poor men what they had promised. So the poor men protested and went on strike. The Roman aristocrats had to make a concession, and they let the poor vote. People in Roman Republic voted for representatives who express their opinion like the way United States does. But the only people who could be elected to the Roman Senate were the rich people. Then the poor made the aristocrats agree that the poor men could also elect tribunes, who can say no to any
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