Essay on Roman “Res Publica”

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Roman “Res Publica” The first known inhabitants of the Italian Peninsula were the Dorians. They had first invaded the Greek Peninsula circa 1200 B.C. before moving onto the Italian Peninsula around 1000 B.C. About 200 years later, a new civilization arose in Etturia (now Tuscany) that would have a tremendous influence on the Romans. These people were known as the Etruscans. The Etruscans were a military ruling class that exploited the native Italians, making them work the mines and serve in the Etruscan armies, while they themselves became wealthy from farming the land, piracy and trade commerce. Although the Etruscans exploited much of the people, they brought with them an abundance of knowledge and ideals that would change…show more content…
The rank of the citizen therefore, would be the rank of the child. Roman society was divided into two classes- the patricians and the plebeians. The commoner class would be the plebeians. They were mainly families of laborers, small farmers, and artisans that made up 95 percent of the population. The other 5 percent were the patricians, which were the upper class of Roman families. They monopolized the power and influence, and even went as far as to not allow marriage outside of their own group. The patricians were the only ones that could serve as senators, priests and magistrates. Slowly over the years the plebeians gained more rights and by 287 B.C. the Roman aristocracy gave way to the pressures of the lower class and the class difference became more subtle and was based on a combination of birth and also wealth. A small group of rich and powerful families arose, known as the nobiles and attained the highest offices in the state, thus changing the distinction of classes to the nobiles and then everyone else. The second motive of Res Republic would be security. The Romans believed that the more land they controlled, the more secure they would be. The Roman soldiers were always ready for battle, as voluntary subordination of one’s self to the state was the norm and the necessary. Between the years of 264-146 B.C., there were a series of wars between Rome and the western city of Carthage. These wars were known as the Punic Wars. A
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