Roman Road Development

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The very first roads built in Rome were primarily made up of gravel and were loosely constructed with the best roads being constructed for the military. Military roads were often built to shed water and were constructed with an array of different materials in order to stand the test of time through their rigid construction. Rome’s roadway growth started with the connecting of local roads with their focus being on expanding their road systems for military explorations. The first connected roadway in Rome was between the cities Latium, Ostia, and Campania. Over the course of Rome’s development, longer roadways were developed in order to give Rome an edge over its adversaries. The Via Appia was the first and most famously remembered long roadway built by Appius Claudius Caecus in the 312 B.C. (Roman Roads: UNRV, 2015).…show more content…
The first Roman roads were known as viae publicae’s they were used as primary routes to seas, towns, and even public rivers. These roads were maintained and constructed at the expense of the public through a set contribution being levied by neighboring landowners. Interestingly, the roads were given their name by the contractors who built the roads but the roads could also undergo a name change if the contractor ordered any type of major rework such as a repaving in which the road would be given a new name. Many people in the early development of the road ways would attempt to have their own names attached to the roads for an array of different reasons of course but it primarily drew from the desire to connect themselves with a great public service (Roman Roads: Wikipedia,
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