Roman Society And The Modern Day Standards

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Roman society was very different to the modern-day standards, and based on this alone, can’t just simply be declared as inherently cruel – and instead, should consider the moralistic values they may have held then rather than the ideals we strive for now. What might have been perfectly normal, or in fact more pleasant, in the era that they were living in then may not live up to the standards of living today. People of the time wanted to become Roman citizens for its values and lifestyles that it gave to its inhabitants and that should speak in numbers with regards to whether it may have been cruel or not – however, we also should realise that history is generally written by the winners, the rich, or those that might tinker with historical fact to make themselves appear in a better light to the later generations. Historians of the time may not give all the facts but historians of today might not have all the evidence to back up their theories as a lot of it was destroyed over the centuries. It is quite reasonable to assume that those higher up in the rankings were, in fact, more likely to have better lives and not suffer in the means of cruelty, unless under the rule of the likes of Nero, for example. According to Melissa Barden Dowling, the Julio-Claudian Dynasty was particularly notorious for cruel Emperors, such as Caligula and Nero, who advocated ‘imperial crudelitas’ during their reigns and used fear to keep control. She also argues that imperial clemency was not heard,
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