Roman Triumphs In Mary Beard'sRoman Triumphs?

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Roman Triumphs In Mary Beard’s book, The Roman Triumph, she explores one of the most interesting victory celebrations of the ancient world. Rather than having a small gathering, or even a raucous party, the Romans had what was known as a triumph after being victorious over their enemies. They brought what they had seized and carted it through the city. They even brought some people they had captured so that the crowd could know exactly who had been triumphed against. This celebration gives historians a view into the Roman lifestyle. Roman triumphs also show what values were important to the Romans and where they found their significance. Using Mary Beard’s book I will demonstrate the nature of Roman triumphs by giving examples from Pompey’s triumph in 61BC, what these triumphs tell historians about the Roman world and why they were significant, and what they tell us about the values the Romans held dear. Triumphs were a very distinguished ceremony in Ancient Roman culture. Receiving a triumph was considered a great honour for Roman generals. The general would get drawn in a chariot through the city. The plunder he had won would follow him as well as people he had taken captive. The general’s troops would also follow him through the streets until he arrived at the Temple of Jupiter where he then would offer a sacrifice to the god. Throughout modern history, many rulers looked back at Rome at how they celebrated their victories. Monarchs and

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