Roman vs Greek Mythology Essay

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Mythology is the history and beliefs of a people who were able to see the magic in the world all around them. “Today their alters are empty, their great temples in ruins. But the gods of the ancient Greeks and Romans live on in powerful myths that have borne retelling for countless generations.(Fandex 1)”. Greek mythology and its Roman counter part have fascinated people for ages. Despite their similarities Greek and Roman mythology has key differences: in the Gods names, what they are based off of, ideologies and stories of creation. Although these stories were told centuries ago, they can still relate to us today. The first point to realize is that Greek mythology came long before Roman mythology did. When the Romans conquered …show more content…
While Uranus looked with pride upon the beautiful and strong Titans he loathed the ugly one eyed Cyclops and the 50 headed monsters. He could not stand to have them walking around on his beautiful Mother Earth so threw them into a deep dark pit known as Tartarus. Mother earth was furious at this so she turned to her Titan children to help her overthrow Uranus. She fashioned a sickle, and only Cronos the youngest and strongest of the Titans took up her challenge. With the sickle he defeated his tyrant father. However he then in turn became tyrant over the earth. He did not free the Cyclops of the 50 headed monsters so Mother Earth began to plot against him. Every time Cronos’s wife Rhea would bear him a child he would swallow it, because he knew that one of his children would defeat him just like he defeated his father.

Sad that she had no children Cronos’s wife turned to Mother Earth for help and she told her how to trick Cronos. When she bore Zeus, she wrapped up a rock in a blanket and gave it Cronos to swallow instead. So Zeus was saved and whisked away to be raised in secret by nymphs. When he was grown he turned to Mother Earth to help him overthrow Cronos. She told him that he could not overthrow Cronos on his own since the other Titans would come to his aide. So she gave his a potion, and when Zeus secretly gave it to Cronos, Cronos became violently sick and vomited up Zeus’s brothers and sisters. Together they
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