Romance Love And Society

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Romance, Love and Society Love is arguably one of the most overused words in the English vocabulary. People use love as a synonym for sexual desire, for expressing friendly care, or for appreciating inanimate objects. In a romantic date, for instance, one can say “I love you” to a beloved and, at the same time, say “I love this meal” in reference to the good food that was served. However, when it comes to love between two people, love or romance is a very powerful abstract force in human nature. It is also a controversial topic due to different interpretations of what romance is and should be, and the possible involvement of social standards that seek to define its parameters. To this end, this paper argues that romance is not primarily…show more content…
In short, human society is like a building, founded during its primitive origins and continuously built through centuries of human history. Modern society, therefore, cannot divorce itself from the principles that held societies in the past, but must carefully weigh every principle it inherits and see if adoption or abandonment of any principle will be good for human beings, in general, today and tomorrow. Generally, although romance can be partially constructed by society, it’s primarily tied to individual’s experiences and emotions throughout life. Romance cannot be an invention of human society alone. Since the time human communities began on earth, romance was already a part of human survival and stability. A man, for instance, would find a woman, or women, who would help him establish his family through bearing children and, therefore, multiplying his generations. Despite the way ancient societies used romance as a means for socio-political and economic interests, the interplay of romance between two or more individuals is tied to their individual personalities, their emotions, and their natural sexual urges. As Scott Sanders wrote in his essay, Looking at Women “the power of Eros will still turn our heads and hearts”(394) no one would, unless compelled by more powerful external influences, go to bed with someone he or she is not attracted to. On the contrary, for some, love is the most powerful thing on earth, and will eventually make all things right. As seen on
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