Romance is in the Air

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The Romance Era consists of classic literature based on love, society, rank, gender, and its complicated structure. Jane Austen, notorious for her love stories in which most are based on class ranking and how it affects lovers shows this in her novel Pride and Prejudice. In this novel characters deal with situations in a way that fits the time frame. Her conclusions are not what most predict, overcoming the important standards of the time period making it one of a kind in a genre of many works. The mixture of aristocracy, rank, and gender makes Pride and Prejudice fit into the era. Aristocracy helped to put people in their place by creating a wall to any outsider of a class. Since Darcy was Lady Catherine de Bourgh nephew he…show more content…
With Mr. Collins, who worships Lady Catherine de Bourgh, makes her act even more rude and obnoxious “But I suppose you no opportunity. Your mother should have taken you to town every spring for the benefit of the masters” (Austen 302). Since her rank is as high as Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy, she feels like she is better than everyone else around. She believes since Elizabeth has a lower rank than Mr. Darcy, that she is not well suited for him, but instead a daughter with great wealth is. She knew about Mr. Darcy’s proposal to Elizabeth, and she demands to Elizabeth that she needs to refuse his proposal. Having a higher rank does not mean it gives the rich power to be rude and obnoxious, especially when the money they have was inherited. Mr. Wickham, a militia officer and was Mr. Darcy’s good friend in university, but they had a falling out because of Wickham’s frivolous attitude, comes in. He tells lies to Elizabeth to gain her affection and turn her back to Mr. Darcy, for example he tells her that Mr. Darcy cruelly cheated him of his inheritance “Mr. Darcy liked me less, his son might have borne with me better; but his father’s uncommon attachment to me, irritated him I believer very early in his life. He had not a temper to bear the sort of competition in which we stood – the sort of preference which was often given to me (Austen 150), when in reality he was the who cheated off Mr. Darcy, and tried to marry Mr. Darcy’s sister, Georgiana,

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