Romanesque Architecture versus Gothic Architecture Essay

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The transition from Romanesque architecture to Gothic architecture can be attributed to a simple reason and that is wealth. Throughout Europe near the end of the Romanesque era there was large growth in towns and in turn a large growth in trade. Places such as Germany had rapid growth in their populace and economy and this encouraged trading with other towns. When it came to relations with other towns there was also a sense of competition and they showed this by building huge Gothic building that only got more grander. These buildings were a sign of pride and wealth for a town and each town was basically saying mine is bigger than yours. Places like England and France were still ruled by Kings so their buildings were often built for their…show more content…
As a way to help support the higher part of walls builders invented the flying buttresses which were later perfected in High Gothic style. The vaults that helped supported ceilings had six ribs and later changed to four ribs in High Gothic style. With the creation of the pointed arch and rib supports for the ceiling the walls did not have to be as thick and heavy and allowed for taller and larger windows in them. This allowed a larger amount of light into the buildings and since most of the windows were stained glass they allowed a large variety of colored light inside. Notre-Dame de Paris or Our Lady of Paris in French is a Catholic cathedral located in Paris France on the eastern half of the lle de la Cite. Notre-Dame is one of the most recognizable and well known church buildings in the world and is considered by many to be one of the foremost examples of French Gothic Architecture. The sculptures and stained glass windows are quite different from the architecture of the Romanesque period. High Gothic style glorified shapes and proportions found in Early Gothic style. Architects were able to achieve lighter structures but maintain their height and majestic appearance. The vaults were cut down from six ribs to four ribs and the walls were modified to only use three of the four tiers, the arcade, clerestory
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