Romania Essay

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Today, Romania is one of the fastest-growing economy in Europe. It increased at a 5.8 percent rate at the beginning of the year. Romania is still recovering from the Communist dictator, therefore they are still one of the poorest nations in Europe. The government has been cutting the money supply towards highways and other public works, and instead invested that money into wage raises. These changes in pay and tax cuts has created high economic activity that will leave the country indebted. The people of Romania are trying to better living conditions in their nation, and they believe the wages is one of the major ways to do it. One thing this plan lacks is the what the government is not doing, upgrading and improving the basic structure of…show more content…
Artist - Constantin Brancusi Constantin Brancusi was a French-Romanian photographer and sculptor. The main styles he used in his work were Dada and Cubism. His work was very simple but were very often said to have hidden truths. Brancusi worked with his materials directly, such as carving instead of working with plaster or clay models. He considered his work as reality that showed what things really were through simplicity. Constantin’s ideas were very influenced by myths and folktales that was modern, but also completely timeless at the same time. The materials that were commonly used included marble, stone, bronze, wood, and metal. Endless Column is considered his greatest piece of artwork. Constantin Brancusi paved the way for many modern artists today. Celebrity - Sergiu Comissiona Sergiu Comissiona is a conductor who has traveled the world, including America. He preferred to share a light and loving sound with his audiences. Before becoming a conductor, Sergiu was a violinist in the Romanian State Ensemble in 1946. He then went on to become the principal conductor of the Romanian State Opera. Comissiona began traveling around the world competing in 1956, until he reached America in 1963. He conducting an amazing amount of concerts in Baltimore that added up to 874 in total. Sergiu Comissiona and his wife took official U.S.
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