Romania's Abandoned Children

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Romania's Abandoned Children Biography Nicolae Ceausescu was a Romanian activist, military leader, and president during the 71 years of his life. He was raised by peasant parents so he saw firsthand the depredations that the people on the lower rungs of society had been forced to accept throughout the many years of the monarchy that ruled the country. He went to work in a factory when he was just 11 years old, and he almost immediately began following the communist philosophies and reactionary politics. After World War II when Soviet Russia was beginning to dominate the region, he, like many of his contemporaries, made sure that they were members of the ruling class that was forming (Kaplan 81). He believed the communist ideology, and he was positioned, because of his associations, to become a prominent member of the new party. When the communists came to power, he was first a Minister of Defense, and then the head of the defense forces. When it came time to select a leader after the death of Ceausescu's good friend and mentor Georghe Georghiu-Dej who had been the country's leader, Ceausescu was selected as a compromise between the many different factions that wanted to rule the country (Kaplan 102). Ceausescu was seen as a good leader by Western nations at first because he separated himself from many of the exclusionary Soviet Bloc policies, but he changed after about ten years of leadership (Pop 64). For the final 15 years of his rule, Ceausescu became a tyrant much
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