Romans 1: Verse 11 And Then Verses 32-33

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Meditation Paper #1
Romans 8
Verse 11 and then verses 32-33 seem to say that since God has already given his son and raised him he will certainly follow through with the easier part of his plan in giving us spiritual life, justifying us, glorifying us, and adopting us to be heirs with Christ. God does so much work on our behalf. He will work out salvation in all of those whom he has elected and nothing can thwart him, distract him, or take us out of his hands.
Sometimes I have periods of disappointment when dealing with sin because it can seem like I’m not moving forward very much in my walk with the Lord and not growing as quickly as other people are or even as fast as I would like to. However, this passage was encouraging because it provides assurance that God will help me grow to become more Christlike and that in
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Paul seems to say, in verse 15, that Satan is the slave master that uses fear and God is the loving father that adopts us. Many people think or act as if it is the other way around, that God is the one who uses fear, as opposed to Satan, who dotes on people. While I certainly don’t think this way, it seems like I don’t usually think of God as my father. I tend to almost think of him as a really powerful friend who sacrificed a lot to help us. However, that is not how God wants us to treat him and interact with him. He wants us to be his sons and wants us to treat him like a father. That is why he wants us to pray and read his word so that we would know and have a relationship with him like a son has with the father, like the Son has with the Father. So I have tried to do that, especially in my prayers, and it has helped me to draw closer to God and have a better sense of the depth of his feelings for us. It is been good for me because it has deepened my prayer life because it is easier to just have a conversation with him as I would with my
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