Essay on Romantic Era: Time of a New Time

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Romantic Era:
Time of a New Time It was a time of no choice. A man was born into his class he did not have a choice of what he could do in this country. There was a class of nobility and then the class of poor. There was no sense of religious freedom you were either a follower of the church or you were a follower of the church. The church controlled the government made the laws and taught what was right and wrong and no one was allowed to question it. For the poorer class it was a time were life went by fast there was no time for imagination, thought, and even the simplest things that we today do not acknowledge at all. The neighboring countries were going into revolution creating many deaths and failing attempts. So the church, the
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People began to appreciate the little things. They began to appreciate music and art as well as nature and poetry. Times began to change as people started to believe in what they want some stayed with the original version of what the church had taught them and dictated to them but many began to read and do their own research and were able to decide for themselves what they wanted to believe in. church and government began to become segregated. This does not mean that church did not have in government I believe till this day it still dose but this was a mark of the beginning of the segregation of the two. From these many things that people began to appreciate was one of the wonders and an appreciated art was poetry. Some of the greatest poetry ever recorded has come from this era I cannot say exactly why but I can conclude it is because this is a time people really appreciated what they were talking about because of the centuries of lack of appreciation and ability to appreciate it came out so great. Whatever the reason is the poetry was something that came from this time that will be always remembered. “The poetry of this time really appreciated and emphasized on feeling, intuition, and imagination. Others feel that it emphasizes individualism, freedom from rules, spontaneity, solitary life rather than life in society, and the love of beauty and nature. (” From these great pieces
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