Romantic Love Is A Deep Interaction Between Two Persons

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Romantic love is a deep interaction between two persons. It is not just any interaction, but one in which both persons lose themselves in the other. “Concentration and fusion into the whole being can never take place through my agency, nor can it ever take place without me. I become through my relation to the Thou; as I become I, I say Thou” (Buber, pg. 160). So romantic love happens when an understanding comes to being that the other is you and potentially your entire universe of being for as long as you are in relation. Although, there can be instances where the relation is involuntary and isn’t fluid. There is pulling and pushing. “While I attempt to free myself from the Other, the Other is trying to free himself from mine; while I seek to enslave the Other, the Other seeks to enslave me” (Sartre, pg. 194). So there can be friction in romantic love, but in the end the two are still together. Insofar as to say that they can’t pull away from the universe that is their relation.
The presence of love and sex can cause a person to have a more authentic existence. This is because love and sex are almost a necessity for everyone. “…sex, which makes up a part of that “evil” urge with which one can and must respond to what meets one if one’s existence is to be authentic” (Friedman, pg. 536-537). To fulfill this ‘evil’ urge and enter into relation with another in itself is an authentic act. And to have that relationship be as fulfilling as Buber would say the I-Thou relationship
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