Romantic Love Is a Poor Basis for Marriage

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Love is Blinding It felt as if she were standing in a timeless dream. In Paris, she waited for the not so stranger at a candlelit table by a crescent moon. The view from the Eiffel tower was amazing as she gazed off; she was so close she could almost touch it. All of a sudden, a familiar figure stepped out from the shadows and startled her. It was who she had been waiting for all along. As he made his way toward her, he took her hands into his. Out of the stillness, soft words were spoken, “We were strangers starting out on a journey. Never dreaming what we would have to go through. Now here we are, and I am suddenly standing right before you.” He then gets down on one knee as he retrieves a small ring box from his pocket. Then, he …show more content…
(“Divorce Statistics in USA”) Couple Gordon and Norma Yeager were married for 72 years, until a quite fatal car accident. When being hospitalized they shared a room together where they held hands. It seemed as if while holding hands Norma’s heart was beating through Gordon. He proclaimed that he was not going anywhere until she did first. So then, they died together holding hands. This is what we all call true love. Something that is hard to obtain. With this couple they had everything, love was just a bonus. This is exactly how they would have wanted to die; together. ("Long-Married Couple Gordon Yeager and Norma Yeager Die Holding Hands.") Love may be the most important thing, but it is not the only thing. In marriage, it takes commitment, patience, loyalty, respect, and solidarity. You cannot have that with someone you do not know. Instead of just falling in love right away people should get to know their mate and understand just about every aspect about them. They need to know them inside and out; know their good and bad qualities and be able to accept who they are. If there had to be a type of love as a basis for a great marriage, it would be Agape; unconditional love. With unconditional love anything is possible, especially when you’re selfless. Those who are the Agape type are willing to make sacrifices. That is a love that won’t decay. Nevertheless, you can only get that kind of love from knowing

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