Romantic Love

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I choose to describe the putative relationship between Adam and Caroline in the movie "Untamed Heart". It starts off with Caroline in a just ending relationship where she is hung up on the guy that left her. Her friends call her on it and help her refrain from trying to repair it. This guy Adam is a hard working, quiet, shy, very shy especially around Caroline, because he has a serious infatuation about her. Every thing she does he studies. In the beginning of the movie it starts out that he has a deep infatuation with her. He even follows her home without her even knowing, until one day she was almost getting raped, and he saved her because of his infatuation for her. She bandaged him up in her woman caring way and he couldn 't even…show more content…
And, of course, the other 's well-being—something you care about—requires that nonsubservient autonomy too." It seems as they slowly develop this romantic relationship with each other it never could get worse, they have added a new entity to the world. Adams infatuation becomes love, or is Adams infatuation love, or does it become a stronger love? I say all of the above, especially stronger because his fantasies come true. And as Caroline finds out he can fulfill her properties she looks for in a man. Until his heart fails once more this time leading to death. With this loss of his life, Caroline is not whole anymore, she is only herself, that identity of them together is gone. Now she will have to go on with a new identity because the one that was created with Adam is no longer there physically. Where Nozicks view comes falls short of the relationship is when he says that infatuation might hold people together until they are stuck, or in love. Because in this relationship only one had an infatuation on the other. I totally agree with Nozicks view that if we are in a good situation there should be no reason to ruin it by trading up. Caroline will have a hard time finding the same romantic love she did with Adam because there isn 't anybody who loved her more than Adam, maybe except her parents, which is the

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