Romantic Relationships : The Romantic Construal Model

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Thought Paper
After reading the chapter “Romantic Communication in Intimate Relationships: The Romantic Construal Model”, I was left with a lot of new knowledge. The Romantic Construal Model, which identifies how people judge romantic acts via personalization, specialness and conveyed value, is something that I had never heard of before and enjoyed learning about, but like with any new concept I was left with lots of questions as well as relations to other things I have previously learned. For this thought paper my question that I am going to address is why are certain types of communication more valuable to romantic intimate relationships than others? Towards the beginning of the article the communication of affection in relationships was discussed in great length. As reading through this, I was reminded of some concepts that I have studied previously regarding the five love languages. There is a book that describes these as being: words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service and physical touch. This book is really interesting because it outlines that each person has a primary and secondary love language and it argues that those in relationships should be aware of the love language of the other person and use the love language on their partner and vice versa. When the article was talking about how that communication of affection is the main providing foundation for all intimate relationships and how this can determine satisfaction and security in…
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