Romanticism : A Time Of Modification

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Romanticism to Victorians: A Time of Modification The Romantic period was a time of literary, artistic, and musical expression that allowed groups of academics in England to evolve into a defined movement. Romanticism is identified with ideals of love, nature, and other identities that are almost always associated with those of the Romantics. Of Romantic texts, the idea of the period is that love and nature, are able to surpass rational being and enhances the ability to deal with daily life. This idea of emotion and the glorification of nature were carried out throughout the period and most authors stuck to this way of thinking and expressing. As this was a critical time in literary history, there were many writers that exhibited the capabilities, thoughts, and feelings of what it truly means to be a Romantic author. Of all, Lord Byron is accounted as one of the most memorable author’s amongst the plethora of authors who exemplify what it truly means to be a Romantic. Modern critics, however, did not take much acclaim to Byron during his time period. As Lord Byron is labeled as fairly influential, he was celebrated and loathed during his time, due to his acts as a civilian. This led to the exile of Byron as well as his accumulation to many debts. In accordance with Lord Byron’s works there is great belief that he has influenced authors after his time. With great works such as Don Juan, Lord Byron can be regarded as one of the most influential writers within the Romantic
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