Romanticism And Romanticism

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Two of the most important movements and new forms of ways to think was the revolutionary idea of the enlightenment movement and also the romanticism movement that was started in the 19th century and still to this day we have forms of the ideas that was created all the way back then. These two ideas and ways of thinking had big implications on the world as we know it and when those ideas were introduced back in the 19th century they would change europe forever as the people knew it forever and making people have new ways of thinking on different form of things and wanting the world to change so it was better for the people.When we look at these two movement they have different very different ideas to them and ways of how things should go on. If we take a in deep look on the enlightenment it really bloomed in the 18th century and would begin to make a lot of people start to question everything they knew with the why question. The enlightenment was really an extension from the scientific revolution that took place before it from 1500 to around 1700 and it would give us some of our most basic scientific principles that we know today from Newton's 3 laws of motion and also the idea of empirical truth which is the belief of separating science from the church because some of the finding that people made during this time did not match up with what the church thought and it made the church unsettled to say the least. One big example of this is when it was proposed by Nicolaus
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