Romanticism In Canada

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This historical study will dispel the romanticism of Irish amalgamation into urban Toronto culture that occurred during the Great Famine immigrations of the mid-19th century. In this manner, Toronto has been defined as the “Belfast of Canada” during the 19th century, since the massive populations of British Protestants often objected to the arrival of many Roman Catholic Irish coming during the Great Famine. Traditionally, Irish immigration into Toronto has often been a staple part of romantic images of integration, compassion (for starving Irish people), and cultural/ethnic tolerance, yet the struggles of the Irish people in Toronto define a larger ethnic conflict at the onset of the first Irish settlements. More so, the struggles of protestant Northern Ireland also bled into conflicts between British protestant and Roman Catholic Irish. After all, Canada was not yet a “nation”, and the cultural and ethnic struggles of immigration policy were still largely under the governance of the British Royal Crown. In essence, this historical study will dispel the romanticism of Irish amalgamation during the Great Famine immigration that made Toronto the “Belfast of Canada” during the mid-19th century.

II.Irish Catholic Communities in the Belfast of Canada: Resistance to the Orange Order in Toronto

The conception of Toronto as the “Belfast of Canada” in
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This social development, in turn, fostered the formation of Irish societies that would work against the oppression of the Orange order on many differing levels. The political and social conflict between Protestants and Catholics defines the necessity of a Catholic Irish opposition due to the marginalization of emigrants of the Great Famine due to pre-existing sectarian biases reinstated by the orange Order in
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