Romanticism In Pride And Prejudice

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Despite its name, Romantic, the Romantic age had only a few things that was related to the real meaning of romance known now, however, love had been the main subject of most of the age's art. The age was actually a great achievement of art and philosophy that resulted in the western societies to change the way they thought about themselves and their surroundings as mentioned in the article "Romanticism" Adapted from A Guide to the Study of Literature. Differing from the classical age the romantic age has given artists of that period more freedom and creation. Music for instance was of great value in terms of the way it expresses. Composers of the age used music along with freedom in expression to express nationalism and hence proving their…show more content…
One of the most important artists that appeared was the great "Jane Austen" an English novelist of romance based fiction. One of Jane Austen's great writings was the novel "Pride and Prejudice". The novel was based on the idea of marriage and how it was affected by the society. A major idea that was shown in Jane's novel was the idea behind how certain physical appearances really hid how a person's real character is. It is clearly shown in the way Elizabeth was misguided with Mr. Darcy's and Mr. Wickham's appearance on how their Internal character really is as mentioned in the article "Pride and Prejudice: Appearance vs. Reality". By the time most of the novel's events are over Elizabeth comes to a decision that her primary impact on both Mr. Darcy and Mr. Wickham were incorrect. Jane Austen clearly concludes on her novel that appearance often tricks how people judge one's real character.
Jane Austen shows romanticism in pride and prejudice through the concept of marriage. in Pride and Prejudice, we can see that Jane Austen, besides of mainly concentrating on modeling the characters Elizabeth and Darcy and portraying the complicated love and marriage between them; also pays much attention to depicting many other roles and three other marriages. In each of these marriages, properties, status, love, beautiful appearance exert different influence and these four marriages are combinations for profit, for moral, for lust and for
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