Romanticism In She Walks In Beauty By George Gordon

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Romantic poetry combines emotions, appreciation of nature, as well as human individuals and a broad imagination. “She Walks in Beauty” by George Gordon holds many of the aspects of romanticism which is important so the speaker can effectively express emotion to the readers. The poem focuses and admires the many aspects of a girl that the speaker perceives as beautiful. Many elements in the poem prove that the poem fits into the romance category as it shows strong emotion, comparisons to nature, and celebrates an individual’s beauty as the speaker describes a beautiful girl, giving a simple theme a much deeper meaning.
Gordon’s poem focuses on the speaker’s admiration of a girl who has an innocent beauty which uncovers as the poem advances through the speaker’s many descriptors of the girl. The speaker describes the girl having appealing looks and progresses into having an inner beauty as well. He speaks of her being, “Where thoughts serenely sweet express,/ How pure, how dear their dwelling-place” (l. 11-12), showing that the speaker has a deeper meaning in describing the girl rather than basing it solely on her physical appearance. He goes deeper by revealing her inner thoughts and her purity that the speaker admires. He also expresses that the girl has, “A mind at peace with all below,/ A heart whose love is innocent” (l. 17-18), revealing the girl’s innocence that adds on to the girl’s purity. These descriptions of her inner beauties add on the the poem’s meaning and the
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