Romanticism In We Are Seven By William Wordsworth

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Romanticism changed the way that art was perceived and structured. This era made art exceptional in the way that they included the ordinary and focus on nature into their work. Art was transformed from structured and refined to creative pieces that were colorful, chaotic, and passionate that was palpable. The romantic ideal was to create pieces of art that were more inclusive to people other than the rich. The ideal was to use ordinary feelings and show the relation between nature and the individual. People were not restricted in the way the artists were in the industrial period. In the romanticism period artists were able to explain expression with simplicity which generated a new form of art that fabricated its own beauty A good representation of this era came from a piece called “We Are Seven” by William Wordsworth. This piece uses simple diction, like a child’s book, that makes it easier for the reader to relate to the young girl in his poem. To know that she is a young, simple minded child even when facing the hardship of morbid death, that most adults struggle to comprehend and accept. “But they are dead; those two are dead! Their spirits are in heaven! ‘Twas throwing words away; for still the little Maid would have her will, and said, ‘Nay, we are Seven’” (“We Are” 65-69). The speaker in this poem cannot fathom that a young girl so innocent and not yet cultured to the world would have a firm understanding of death to persistently insist that her knowledge surrounding
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