Romanticism Research Paper

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During the middle of the fifteenth century, the Renaissance movement expanded from its birth place Italy to throughout most of Europe. The word Renaissance means “rebirth” and the movement was a rebirth in the art, music, architecture, science, drama, and literature of the ancient Greek and Roman classic works. Many of the famous artists, philosophers, and writers stated to allow themselves to discover and experiment new ideas, which led to the start of the humanism. In 1660, after twenty years of the English Civil War and Puritan dictatorship, England became stable when the return of Charles II took back the throne of England and re-establish the Church of England (Holt Literature 531). The monarchy of Charles II started the Restoration…show more content…
The Romantics believed in the power of human nature is far much greater with a celestial soul and emotions than knowledge and reason of mankind. The Industrialization Revolution started in London, England. The city of London increased in population as the number of demanding of labor workers needed for the factories. Individual owners bought farmers’ land for private parks which resulted farmers to migrate to the city to search for work. The laissez faire policies let economic forces to perform openly without government interference. The rich can do anything what they want with of how to operate their businesses. In William Blake’s poem “The Chimney Sweeper,” describe of terrible of the Industrial Age was for the children. The rich took advantaged with the poor by paying them less, treated them like slaves, and making the workers to work everyday with less rest and food breaks in dangerous environments. For those harsh conditions of the Industrialization age, the Romantic period was filled with examples of superstitious fear and supernatural. According to the “The Wise Teacher” in Holt Literature textbook, the Romantics explored to the mysterious side of nature and the power of the imagination through their eerie settings, supernatural events, and questions about human ability to manipulate nature (Holt 718). The
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