Romanticism Ruined Love

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For a good portion of human history, marriage has always associated with being the true objective of love. Many people have put marriage as the one thing they must accomplish before they either turn a certain age or pass away. They always have the thought of marriage in their mind when it came to thinking about either settling down or when they think they should meet or see someone new. However, as time went on some people have acknowledged marriage as being a pointless ceremony, nothing but disappointment, and a huge waste of time and money. Most, if not all, of the ideas that were around the time that marriage emerged with its religious background, all came to an end eventually. Marriage was the one thing that survived and still practiced in the twenty-first century. Many people believe it survived because of the movement called romanticism that has been around since the mid-1700s. And for a while now, the number of marriages that have been happening yearly has been declining. Slowly over time, the very idea of marriage will die out, but love will still be around. Love is a universal emotion, and it has been around since the beginning of the human race. So if marriage was to die eventually, what is the true goal of love?
Romanticism is broken down to its fundamentals in the YouTube video, “How Romanticism Ruined Love,” by the channel, School of Life. The speaker of the video starts by explaining the essentials of romanticism by acknowledging that even though no couple has
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