Romanticism in Mark Twain's Tom Sawyer Essay

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Mark twain was an Interesting man who wrote about many books some about boyhood tales about adventure like Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer. The book is full of Romanticism as the young boy Tom sawyer does his mischievous deeds like playing hooky from school and avoiding punishment by tricking his friends to white wash the fence in the beginning of the story. ‘’I have never let my schooling interfere with my education`` by mark Twain show the humor and depth behind his words. It illustrates how individuals learn the basics in school and do their real learning outside through experiences and trying new things. In the Mark Twain he became an apprentice ‘cub’ river pilot under Horace Bixby, earning his license in 1858. In that his…show more content…
This lead to more rural people who did not usually take to book more inclined to make a more formidable library for their homes. The printing press help make books more available to the wider market during that time combined to make great literacy levels because there were more books. The romantic era of writing started in the 1830-1865 in America stemming from European Romanticism caused by the Civil war. Mark Twain simply wanted to improve on his book huckleberry Finn. His books were mainly realism but in this Novel it classifies as Romanticism. The major Authors tat influenced the genre were Edmund Burque, William Blake, Lord Byron, Francisco de Goya, Theodore Gericault. Romantic pieces consisted of heavy emotion and had its plot loosely reality based. Mark Twain had an interesting life. Mark twain was from Florida Missouri where he was surround by racism and cruelty like racism. He was born to a poor family and when his Father died in 1847 when young Samuel Langhorne Clemens left school in 5th grade he became a newspaper apprentice to provide income to the household. He also started writing his first stories A Gallant Fireman in 1851 and The Dandy Frightening the Squatter in 1852 along with little exerts here and there in the newspaper. Samuel didn’t really like his job at the newspaper all the well and became a steamboat pilot in 1858. Samuel became a very skilled Steam boat pilot

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