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                    ROME      Imagine an empire so vast and yet powerful, but then it falls like rain. Also imagine the same empire that controls parts of Africa and Eurasia. One may envision such an empire that is war-like. This empire is known as the Roman Empire. Aside all of the conquests and battles, their art and social life are of extreme significance. Throughout past decades, archeologists have stumbled across many remarkable findings that gives historians a much needed in-depth look into ancient societies. Spas, glass technology, tax assessors, oils, and other “everyday” items are discovered frequently as…show more content…
     There have been ruins of an ancient Roman city located in Egypt. “The ruins of a city belonging to the Roman Empire built more than approximately seventeen centuries ago have been found near Dakhla oasis in Egypt’s Western Desert. After four years of excavations, an Egyptian-Canadian team recently uncovered ruins of the city, which is made of terra cotta. The find includes a temple with the name Nero carved in one wall. Dakhla, 340 miles south of Cairo, was a major Egyptian agricultural area during the Roman occupation of Egypt from 30 BCE to 395 CE.” (Guardian, section 1, page 24, col.7 3/6/98)      Speaking of Nero, a fresco find opens a window to the past, which is an amazing discovery. During Nero’s reign, two-thirds of Rome burned. There are no pictorial accounts of the Neronian period, except the fresco. Fresco is the art of painting on fresh plaster with pigments dissolved in water. The fresco gives one a bird’s eye view of a contemporary city, possibly Rome, and provides a unique insight into urban life at the time of the Emperor Nero. Archaeologists stumbled on the find at the end of a tunnel running under the Colle Oppio, a public park opposite the Colosseum, which is frequented by drug addicts and prostitutes. Ms. Elisabeta

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