Rome Ruled The World Essay

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What Life was Like When Rome Ruled the World

This book gave a very interesting perspective of what happened during 100 BC-AD 200. It told about everything that happened from fashion to the struggle for power.
     This book gave a person, who knew little about the Roman Empire, the opportunity to catch up, and a person, who knew quite a bit, more details. Although this book was just an overview of what happened, it sets up what would later happen over the course of history. While a good learning guide for beginners in Roman history, this book expected people to know some of events before its time period.
     What life was Like When Rome Ruled the World
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Julius Caesar served as co-counsel with Mark Anthony. Traditionally, Rome’s two counsels had been elected by the citizenry to lead the republic for a term of one year, except in times of crisis, when one man was appointed to serve temporarily as dictator.
Caesar was trying to be assassinated by Cassius and Brutus. He had a dream on the very eve of the ides of March, that he raped his mother. This meant he was destined to conquer earth, “our universal mother”. On the night of March 14 he dreamed that he was “soaring above the clouds and shaking hands with Jupiter”. When Julius Caesar was carried into the building, he turned to the augur Spurinna and said, “The ides of March have come.” Servilius Casca then stabbed Caesar. Others then joined in, some missing their target and stabbing each other. When Caesar saw that Brutus had joined in, he turned to him and said in Greek, “You, too, my child?”
     The Romans had quite a bit of pride in their myths and stories. They believed a woman could be granted fertility by being lashed by a priest with a sacred goatskin. They also believed in the Greek gods. The Romans believed that the ascent of Rome started with the fall of Troy. They believed Aeneas escaped the desecration of the fabled stronghold by the Greeks by sailing to Italy where he wed a daughter of a king.
     Romans enjoyed their games. Common people had reason to cherish the games, because the gatherings
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