Rome Vs America Essay

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Ancient Rome was one of the largest empires to ever span the earth, lasting for 1,000 years and conquering most of the known world. Their accomplishments are unparalleled and their empire has become the template for many countries throughout the course of history. America is constantly being compared and contrasted with Ancient Rome, most notably comparing the governments and contrasting the religions, that Rome has had on America. Ancient Rome’s balanced government is fully illustrated in modern day America through the balanced government that is used by them. Ancient Rome created a balanced government designed to give equal power to and represent the two, the few, the many, by creating the two consuls, the senate, and the tribal assembly.…show more content…
Their columns, and domes have been recreated for buildings all over the United States. Columns and domes were key features of of governmental buildings and important shrines and temples in Ancient Rome. Rome’s architecture made it glorious. The ancient Roman historian Livy puts it perfectly. ¨Rome has grown since its humble beginnings that it is now overwhelmed by its own greatness.¨ The United States has copied this idea of using columns and domes, as evidenced by the governments capitol building. The United States capitol building has massive white columns to support it, and a huge dome for the main building, both originally designed by Ancient Rome.The Ancient Roman arches were built wherever there was a significant military victory. The United States has used this idea in their commemorative buildings everywhere, examples are the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Triumphal Arch, the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Arch, and the Smith Memorial Arch. These all mark a major battle or important event. Without the influence of Ancient Rome, America’s architectural style would not be what it is today.
Ancient Rome was one of the largest empires to ever span the earth, influencing countless cultures and becoming the template for countless civilizations after it. Rome has immortalized itself in history through its revolutionary innovations and discoveries. America has used Rome as the template for their nation, creating an empire that has lasted for

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