Rome and America Essay

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Roman Civilization and Contemporary America      The civilization of the Roman Republic and the Empire that followed it was the first of its kind. Earlier civilizations had been based on a more abstract worldview that led humans to be creative for the will of the gods or to preserve the institutions that fostered rational thought. Rome started as a simple, self-reliant nation made up of farmers who lived the best they could to support their families and community. With an intense drive to succeed and its advanced military, Rome became the greatest civilization of its time. The civilization of 21st century America can follow its roots two thousand years back to Rome.      Rome could not…show more content…
Both Romans and Americans are known for allowing their conquered to enjoy a certain amount of liberty. A less glorious similarity is the Roman and American social welfare systems. Straying from using the imagination and classical problem solving, both civilizations have expended their resources to quiet the cries of the hopeless, without building any hope for their unfortunate citizens. Roman law influenced much of the American legal system, especially in the area of criminal justice. America has followed in the footsteps of the Romans in many ways, for better or for worse.      Although the Romans and Americans have many similarities, there exist equally prominent differences. One main difference between Roman and modern American civilization is the technology available to each. Americans have enjoyed the benefit of the Industrial Revolution and the Information Age, requiring less hard labor and more efficient production. The Romans had to employ slaves from conquered nations to reap great harvests, mine precious metals, and build long roads. A lot of that work has been made easier in America, as machines have replaced hand-shovels and pickaxes. The lack of passable roads in Rome was a hindrance to its trade, while Americans can blow out a mountain and build a relatively more level road for its goods to be carried on efficiently. The dawn of
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