Rome 's Good Side And Rome

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Pofue Yang Mrs. Killian English 8 Rome’s Good Side and Rome’s Bad Side When people hear or see the word “Rome”, many of them think of the ancient Roman culture. The Roman culture consists of the Roman Gods, myths, their way of life, and arts. The surveyors wrote things such as “Romans Gods”, “Jesus”, “Architecture”, and “Ancient”. But the most surprising thing was that barely any of the surveyors mentioned Rome’s dark side; conquership, enslavement of people, forcing other people to fight for entertainment, and most of all, the struggle for power;. This research paper is to let all the readers know about Rome’s beginning, Rome’s conquership, their culture, and the power struggle. Rome started its development and conquership ever since the beginning of Rome. What many people do not know was that Rome was at first a Kingdom, not a Republic or an Empire.Rome was founded by a man by the name of Romulus in 753 B.C. Romulus made Rome into a Kingdom, and made himself the first King of Rome. As Rome started out, Romulus stole women from neighboring countries to populate Rome. As this happens, Rome was separated between nationalities. Romulus was the King of Rome from 753 B.C. to 716 B.C. Rome’s second king was Numa Pompilius. Religion was established by Numa which will influence the Romans in war, economy, and politics. As religion grew, Numa added 2 more months in a year (10 years to 12 years) to assist in Religion rituals. Numa was king from 715 B.C. to 673 B.C. Then came the

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