Rome 's Paramount Architectural Accomplishments Essay

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Many of Rome’s paramount architectural accomplishments can be found in, and around Italy. These sites include the Pantheon, the Arch of Titus, the Mausoleum of Hadrian, the Roman Forum, and Ancient Roman Aqueducts, along with the Colosseum. Many of these architectural feats have been replicated throughout Roman territory. Their domain stretched all over Europe, Northern Africa, and even into the Middle East. Today we are still able to enjoy much of Rome’s artistry, which can be linked to the how their engineers manufactured these monuments. Roman architects created structurally sound buildings by making use of the vault, and the arch. These engineers also created concrete, a binding agent holding the structures together. All of these forms were later replicated throughout the empire (Lake Oswego School District, 2012:1). The remains of one such Roman architectural achievement, was unearthed in Durrës, Albania in 1966 (Bowes and Mitchell, 2009:570; Bowes et al., 2003:381; Ponce de Leon, 2013:3; UNESCO, 2004:34). The Roman amphitheater happens to be the largest in the Balkans, and contains several frescos, which helped to track Christianity as it spread throughout the region (Jacques, 1995:154; Ponce de Leon, 2013:3). Currently this remarkable stadium is “under consideration” from UNESCO as a World Heritage site. Unfortunately, the impact of urban sprawl, Albania’s poor economy, and time, are not helping to maintain this cultural relic. Albania Some of the main
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