Rome 's Transformation From Republic

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As the first Roman emperor (though he never claimed the title), Augustus led Rome’s transformation from republic to empire during the chaotic years following the assassination of his great-uncle and adoptive father Julius Caesar. Augustus became one of Rome’s greatest leaders and he established the principate, the form of government under which Rome ruled its empire for many years.

Caesar Augustus, was born Gaius Julius Octavius in Rome, Italy and was alive from 63 BC - AD 14. Augustus’ father, also called Gaius Octavius, was the governor of Macedonia, and his mother was the niece of Julius Caesar. Octavian grew up in the village of Velletri, near Rome. His father died when he was just four years old and his mother remarried, but Augustus was sent to be raised by his grandmother Julia Caesar, Julius Caesar 's sister.
Many significant events occurred throughout this period of time in Rome and the surrounding regions. During the years of his birth, Rome was on an expansionist route, constantly building expanding their vast empire. This is evident with conquering of Syria in 62B.C. Also at this time, Rome was still a republic governed by elected officials.
Furthermore the first triumvirate, (a political regime dominated by three powerful individuals, each called Triumvirs) was established over Rome in 60 B.C by Caesar, Crassus and Pompey. This in many ways contributed to the fall of the Roman Empire as this illegitimate use of power was very unsustainable…
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