Rome 's Transformation Of Power Of The Entire Mediterranean Basin

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Of the ancient civilizations, Rome was able to transform from a small town into the center of power of the entire Mediterranean Basin. The history of Rome can be traced through the evolution of the Roman Army and by observing the evolution of the troops and the tactics that have been employed by the Roman military since the foundation of Rome to the end of the end of the republic and the beginning of the Roman Empire. As the territory of Rome expanded, the military structure, as well as the training and tactics of the Roman army was forced to change. For the first few centuries of its existence, Rome was a small city state and most of its conflicts were confined to small engagements with opposing villages. The idea Roman Citizen was a small farmer and a soldier in a time of war or when called upon by the state of Rome. It was considered a duty for all male citizens to serve in the roman army, and all soldiers were to provide their own arms and armor. Between the founding of the Roman city and the end of the Roman Kingdom and the beginning of the Republic, the army was formed by citizen soldiers and the tactics that were used were adopted from armies from other countries in the Mediterranean Basin.
The Roman Army adopted the hoplite phalanx formation, a practical copy of what the Greeks and other major powers in the Mediterranean Basin were using. This formation offered protection to the individual soldiers within each of the ranks. The soldiers shields would be used…

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