Romeo And Juliet Alternate Ending

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Holding her teacup high in one hand, inclining her head slightly to the left, she looked up at him out of the corners of her eyes and gave him another gentle little smile “No, my dear,” she said. “Only you.” Only me? Billy thought. How in these past three years has nobody come to this sweet place? Suddenly he began to feel quite dizzy. He realized that the almond flavor in his tea was actually cyanide. He knew he should run. But where to? "I just remembered that I have to be somewhere right now." He said. "No you don't!" The landlady said in an ill manner. The landlady crept towards him. Billy rushed upstairs to the second floor. He hurried and put all of his things into his suitcase and tried to shut it. It wouldn't shut. He tried multiple times and it just wouldn't shut. He then deserted the idea of taking his stuff. He ran downstairs. The landlady was…show more content…
Oh no!" Billy said. In front of him stood two men. Both smiling and staying perfectly still. Behind them there was tools. Tools big and small, sharp and dull, drills and hammers, saws and knives. And then there were the buckets. The buckets were filled with a dark red substance. Blood. Billy suddenly thought. Those buckets are filled with blood! Billy heard footsteps coming up the stairs. He shut the door and saw the three locks on the door. He locked all of them. He then began looking for a window. The room he was in was massive. Lots of rooms each with their own tools inside. Suddenly he heard a click. The first lock unlocking. Then the next. And the next. The door creaked as the Landlady opened it. “Come here my dear!” she said in an unsettling voice. Billy felt very sick. Then he threw up and passed out. He opened his eyes moments later. He was chained down. He heard the sound of a saw turning on. That horrible scratching sound. The landlady began cutting him in half. She stuffed him and sat down next to her window and acted like nothing happened. She looked out her window for her next
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