Romeo And Juliet And Katniss

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Violence. Love. Determination. Mood. These aspects affect themes, including Romeo and Juliet as well as the Hunger Games. Some things that these two books have in common is the determination of the characters, the love, and also the violence.

While reading the books and watching the movies Juliet and Katniss has similar characteristics. In Romeo and Juliet, Juliet was determined to be with and someday marry her one true love, Romeo. For example Juliet says “My true love is grown to such axcess. . . ” This shows Juliets real feelings about Romeo. However, Juliet risks everything she had to be with Romeo even without knowing the outcomes of what might happen to her. Where in the Hunger Games Katmiss is determined to win the compitition with Peeta by her side, and bring them both back home to their families safe and happy. (Quote with Juliet)
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Well, Juliet and Katniss Everdeen have alike love stories. Juliet is in love with Romeo, but their love is forbidden because of their family’s fued between each other “and the continuance of their parents rage”, but Juliet is also being forced to marry Paris. Whereas Katniss is in love with Gale and she really hopes their relationship lasts because he has always been there for her, and during the games she had to “pretend” be in love with Peeta even though she somewhat has feelings for him. In both books this caused fued between the people because in Romeo and Juliet they would get into a huge fight between the familes and that could have caused a war because of the HATE for each other. While in the Hunger Games people are upset because they can’t figure out who Katniss loves when going into war, and some people were hoping she was in love with Peeta and others Gale. Although love is complicated it end up the same
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