Romeo And Juliet Arranged Marriage Research Paper

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Marriage is a commitment between two people who love each other. Some marriage partners are like Paris and Juliet and they were brought together by the parents ; those are called arranged marriages. However arranged marriage should be banned because it can cause the child to do violent things, it can cause a break in the family, it can cause emotional and physical damage to the child. In Romeo and Juliet the emotional pain was severe enough to bring Juliet to try to fake her death. Juliet and Friar Lawrence make a plan to take a appear to fake potion that would cause her to die so that Juliet and Romeo could run away together. Juliet wants to fake her death so that she could get out of her arranged marriage. Marriage should be based on…show more content…
In the article Debie talks about her arranged marriage and out it turned out just fine. “ Alex and I have been married for 17 years, and our relationship is stable.”(Thomas) Debie’s family let her get to know Alex before she married him. As their relationship developed Debie and Alex started to get use to one another. Debie is really happy in her marriage “ I’m married to a good man who is my partner and my equal. He’s a committed provider and a loving father to our two children.”(Thomas) Not all arranged marriages turn out to be very unpleasant Alex and Debie’s marriage didn’t and so many other…show more content…
Marriages is suppose to be about making memories with your partner and being happy and joyful while doing it. Romeo and Juliet fell in love ,but Juliet had arranged to be married to Paris. Juliet wanted to fake her death so that she could get out of her arranged marriage to Paris. Juliet really wanted to get out of her arranged marriage so bad that she had to fake her death. I strongly disagree with arranged marriages.Marriage should be by love not
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