Romeo And Juliet Be Taught In Schools Essay

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Shakespeare once said, “ life is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing .” Shakespeare was an English poet and a playwright, his works are taught throughout schools. One common work of his is Romeo and Juliet. I believe high schools should continue to teach Shakespeare's work, especially Romeo and Juliet because his works are inspirations to others, they contain valuable life lessons, formed the English language, and provides students with critical thinking abilities.

Schools should continue to teach Shakespeare's work because they instill inspiration. Many authors get their inspiration from Shakespeare's work. For example, Romeo and Juliet was an inspiring book that inspired authors to write similar stories
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The themes portrayed in Shakespeare's works like love in Romeo and Juliet teach us the life lesson that you should not act hastily when you are in love. It also shows us that you should not make irrational decisions when it comes to love because there are consequences that follow. When students read Shakespeare, they will get an understanding of how life works and how they should react to the things that happen in their life. Students will be better of at making life decisions when they read the things Shakespeare writes and learns from the lessons he has in his…show more content…
By reading Shakespeare you will have a better understanding of English. You will also be able to explain things more thoroughly. “What, lamb! What, lady bird! God forbid...” said by the Nurse in Romeo and Juliet; the term ladybird is an example of a term Shakespeare created. The word ladybird does not just stand for a bug, in this reference it stands for a sweetheart or close female friend. This is an example of how you can learn new words, and understand what context to apply them in. Many words that we use today were created by Shakespeare and by understanding these words we get to appreciate his work and communicate better in
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