Romeo And Juliet Board Assignment Analysis

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It was my freshman year in high-school, and it was the last term and semester of the school year. My English teacher at the time, Mrs. Lemaster, gave my class the last English project. She revealed to the class that we had a Romeo and Juliet project to attend to for the last weeks of school. Mrs. Lemaster handed out the assignment with options on the paper on what we could do. I ended up selecting the board assignment. My task with the board assignment was to decorate it and sway people to attend my Romeo and Juliet make-believe play. The reason why I chose this topic to talk about is because It was the end of the school, and I was at my wit’s end with the class. I didn’t have the grade that I wanted, so I told myself, “hey, you are going to…show more content…
I took paper out of my sketchbook that I wasn’t using anymore. I proceeded to burn the edges of the paper, and write down the material down. Once I finished with writing all the text down, I advanced to paint the stage a moon-like gray. When I was done with assembling the posters, stage, balcony, I was finally done with the foundation of the project.
Since I finished with the basics, I had time to do the accessories of the assignments. I took an ivory table-cloth that was purchased at Goodwill and made a drape out of it. I couldn’t make the little Romeo and Juliet sculptures; so instead, I decided to use my little brother’s toy knife and spread red slick paint on it to give it a striking look. Afterwards, I got an idea to spread ruby-red paint on the stage. I put “blood” on the board to represent what Juliet had done to herself. When all was done, I was truly satisfied with the completed product.
It was an extensive development that took a lot of time and energy. The only thing that was left for me to do was to get it to the school, and display my play to the class. After I presented it, I exhaled a sigh of relief. I scraped up the last bit of energy and drive I had left in my being, and I pushed through the Romeo and Juliet
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